Teaching and Learning

Mark's contributions to undergraduate teaching at UNSW are mainly in genetics and bioinformatics. He currently teaches in BABS3151: Genes in Time and Space, which is convened by Rich Edwards. In recent years he has also taught in BABS1201: Molecules, Cells and Genes; BABS2204/2264: Genetics and BABS3291: Genes, Genomes and Evolution and convened the project-based course BABS3301: Biomolecular Science Laboratory Project in 2014. Mark has also been involved in the bioinformatics programme which is an engineering degree coordinated by Bruno Gaëta.

Outreach: Scientists in Schools

Mark is a partner scientist in the CSIRO program Scientists in Schools (and the associated program Mathematicians in Schools). This is a way for academics to engage with school teachers and bring fresh perspectives on maths and science to classrooms. He is partnered with teacher Ms Rachael Chisholm at Randwick Public School, NSW.

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