Mathematical and Computational Biology

tanaka lab

We are a research group at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), in Sydney, Australia. We use mathematical, computational and statistical methods to understand biological systems — in particular, evolutionary processes and population dynamics. Our research interests include modelling the evolution of microorganisms, drawing model-based inferences from molecular epidemiological data, and cultural transmission of behavioural traits that influence health and disease. Recently, we have been studying the dynamics of antimicrobial drug resistance, the rate of molecular evolution in viruses, and niche construction by microorganisms. We have also been analysing genetic data from Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Salmonella isolates. Our research is supported by the Australian Research Council.

Aug 2016: Lilach Hadany from Tel Aviv University visits the group during her sabbatical.
Jul 2016: Rebecca Chisholm, James Trauer, Darren Curnoe and Mark Tanaka present in a PNAS paper a hypothesis that controlled fire use triggered the emergence of TB. Covered by media (e.g. New York Times, ABC Science, The Atlantic). Bec awarded BABS paper of the month (July) for this paper.
Jul 2016: Ian Powell awarded BABS Internship to spend time in Tanaka Lab modelling viral evolution.
Jun 2016: Bec Chisholm awarded BABS paper of the month (May) for paper on the evolution of latency in tuberculosis.
May 2016: ARC Linkage Grant Elucidating the genetic basis of newly evolved metabolic functions in yeast awarded to Richard Edwards, Marc Wilkins, Mark Tanaka, Paul Attfield, Phillip Bell.
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